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About Me 

My name is Samantha Glover, I am a personal stylist and bridal fashion consultant based in Austin, Texas. I have been working in the broader fashion industry for five years through retail, luxury fashion media and marketing. 

I first knew I was passionate about personal styling while managing the dressing room at a retail store in NYC. Helping women of all walks of life find clothes that made them feel good in their own skin was incredibly rewarding, having always had a natural inclination toward fashion and style. 

My mom will say that since I could shake my head I wanted to have input into the clothes and accessories I wore, that love of fashion was most certainly inherited from her and she was gifted it by my Great Grandmother - Mary Jane. 

Mary Jane Styling is born out of a deep rooted love of style and fashion and the belief that everyone deserves to feel fabulous in what they wear. 

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